We just came off of a sermon about coming OFF the mountain and getting to work, and we’re headed into a sermon series called “The Couch Potato”, all about the hard work that goes into being a disciple of Jesus Christ.


There are some things in this life that are worth fighting for, and there are some things that are NOT… being able to discern which is which.

If you are Christian, guess what? You opted in to a fight! You have to fight for other people to get rescued too. Your faith is worth fighting for. Your prayer life, your Godly relationships, your marriage, your singleness, your church, your city…

When your faith gets tested, will you fight for it, or will you flee?

Romans 7:15-25 TPT

  • I can’t will myself out of my sinful desires.

  • “the unwelcome intruder of sin hindering me from being who I really am”

  • “I will fight” should be your declaration!

Fight for complete alignment, or you will miss your God-given assignment.

  • Maybe you are one location-shift away, from being aligned again—in your assignment.

  • So many Christians—they know something’s wrong (worship, relationships, but no one can tell)..they just live with it.

  • There’s a harshly clear answer: OBEY WHAT HE SAID.

    • Every single thing God commands us to do—to fight for—are to help keep us aligned.

  • If we can fight for trying to do things God’s way, we can eliminate the painful consequences of trying to do things our way.

Embracing the pain of growth, is better than carrying the shameful consequences of sin.


Read the book of Hosea.

Read 1 Corinthians 13 in The Passion Translation.

  • What really stuck out to you about this passage?

  • If you had to memorize one verse, which one would you pick?