It’s undeniable that Jesus Christ changed the course of history forever. From how children are viewed and understood in our culture today vs. how they were viewed in ancient culture, to medicine and hospitals, to education and equality…the list goes on and on. His teachings and views on morality and grace were revolutionary, and continue to be today. Six Surprising Ways Jesus Changed The World

This week, I struggled with the question: Would all that have been true, without the disciples?

Obviously, the answer is no, because when Jesus does something, it’s perfect, and he chose the disciples and commissioned them. But it’s an interesting question, because we’ve been exploring the balance between what is God’s job, and what is ours lately..

What’s our responsibility as disciples? 10 Qualities that Move You From A Believer to a Disciple


Study each of the qualities & scriptures from the above article 10 Qualities that Move You From A Believer to a Disciple.

  • Which qualities would you say you have the hardest time with?

  • Are any of them surprising or challenging?

  • Pick one of the verses & go deeper.

    • Do a SOAP Study.

    • Find a parallel verse.

    • Find a Bible character that exemplified that quality.