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Satan tempts us today, in much the same way, as he tempts Eve…and he’s sneaky! It doesn’t often come in the way that we think it will. It may come as doubt, or fear, and it’s up to us to stop the doubts!

Genesis is an incredible look how Satan tempts us, but it’s often a little hard to understand.

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Satan didn’t necessarily lie- he bent the truth. Isn’t this the same thing though? How often do we tell our kids that not telling the WHOLE truth is the same as lying…this is what Satan did in the garden! The serpent was right, Adam and Eve didn’t die when they ate the fruit. What died in the garden was their innocence; the perfect life God had created for them. But how did Satan get Adam and Eve to believe him when they could literally see God and talk to Him directly? He planted seeds of doubt. He knew what God had said and twisted it just enough for Eve to doubt what God had said. How often do we do this in our own lives? That we doubt if God actually has a plan, or that his timing is perfect, or that he really has our best interest? Sometimes there is a disconnect between what we logically know and what we emotionally feel, and that is when those seeds of doubt can be planted. It is important for us to recognize those seeds in our own lives and take our thoughts captive when they are planted.

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  1. Start to recognize the seeds of doubt. Practice taking those thoughts captive and replace them with The 40 I Am’s.

  2. Find your 5 favorite verses about doing good deeds for others for Melissa’s challenge.

    1. (Let Candace know if you can help with fruit or desserts for the Memorial Service June 15th, or set up/tear down that day.)

  3. Finish watching the Bible project videos above. What were your biggest take-away’s?

Melissa lived her life for others. She was constantly giving of herself to help someone out, her friends describe her as “not able to see another living thing go through pain, without doing something about it.” In her last moments, she asked her husband for two things:

  • 1. That her service would be at FV, and there would be a salvation message.

  • 2. That we would strongly challenge every person to do one good thing for someone else, every single day.