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Moving On from the Life You Thought You Wanted


Jude 1:9

An aspect of God’s existence that is not overtly spiritual, but it is uniquely important: God is a planner.

God does not act reactively or impulsively. God is strategic, intentional, methodical in executing his intentions for his people. Whatever is a surprise to YOU, is not a surprise to HIM.

Jeremiah 29:11

I’m not going to tell you what the plan is, but I am going to tell you what the plan does.

God created the answer before the devil created the problem!

The principle of perspective. Where you sit, determines what you see. What you see, determines what you do. God’s providence = pro means before, video means to see.

When you live a life that thinks generationally, you are blessing people from the grave.

Deut 34:5-6

If we’re going to move on from the life we thought we wanted, we must be willing to move on without closure we thought we needed. Some people are still stuck in the past, because we’re waiting on closure. You’ve placed your future in the hands of someone who is probably unwilling to acknowledge the damage they did in your past. YOU MUST BE WILLING TO MOVE ON WITHOUT ANSWERS.

God only gives closure when closure is necessary for you to move forward. Bury that thing so that you can move on. You don’t need closure, you just need a calling, to get you from where you are, to where you need to be. Your future is calling you!

God gives us answers to questions we NEED to answers to, not the answers to questions you WANT the answers to. Lean what you DO know! For my good, and for His glory!

  • What I do know: weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

  • What I do know: no weapon formed against me shall prosper!

  • Trust must be present when answers are absent. Some people are stuck because they’re waiting on answers.

4 Steps We Can Take To Move On

  • Admit the emotion

    • Israel had an emotional attachment, to someone who had served them well in a previous season, they were in love with someone who could take them no further. Someone who was unequipped for their future. A season God had no intentions of them revisiting.

    • When we want something REAL BAD, we think that MUST be God.

    • When we are highly emotional in any way, it impairs our discernment. We will do things we would not normally do, when we are emotionally sober. Emotionally intoxicated.

    • Admit the emotion = increase your discernment. God, is this you? Or is this me?

    • If not, we will be entrapped by what we don’t expose.

  • Acknowledge the entitlement

    • Someone wanted an answer to what happened to Moses!

    • God’s like, wait time out, you wanna talk about what you deserve?!

      • Let’s talk about the stuff only me and you know.

    • I sent Moses as a gift to you, in a season you did not deserve him. And now that you are better than you were, you have forgotten how you used to be, and now you feel entitled to a GIFT.

    • Entitlement: I don’t have it, but I deserve it.

      • Appreciation: I don’t deserve what I do have. THE ANTIDOTE TO ENTITLEMENT.

      • Gratitude breaks the back of entitlement.

      • You can only move on from the life you thought you wanted, when you realize you’re not entitled to it.

    • A church about transformation, not just inspiration…we have to say things that comfort us, but also challenge us. More concerned about how we think, than how we shout. ‘Cause you can dance your way into a sweat, but you cannot dance your way into the next level!

  • Refuse to revisit what you can’t revise

    • For some of us, today is a worship service. For others, today is a funeral service. We need to bury some things…some reminiscing is counterproductive!

    • The enemy is using our mistakes to keep us in a maze of misery.

    • Once you’ve learned all the lessons from it, you’ve got to put that body in the ground.

    • “Remember Lot’s wife” Luke 17:32

      • Don’t look back! Because you can’t run forward and backward at the same time. Whenever you run into someone that’s salty, that’s someone that keeps looking back.

  • You must trust the Savior with our satisfaction

    • We trust the Savior with our salvation/sanctification, but do we trust Him with our satisfaction?

      • No surgeon operates on themselves.

    • Do you believe God knows what it takes to make you happy?

      • Jeremiah 2:13, my people have committed two sins, they have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns, that are leaking water.

      • Something is holding your happiness, that has holes in it.

      • I want to be satisfied, not frustrated.

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  • Luke 17:20-37

    • What’s your takeaway from this passage?

  • Jeremiah 2

    • What do you think verse 13 is talking about?

    • What do you think verse 32 is trying to say?

    • What’s your takeaway from this passage?