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Jason and I have been discussing lately how people will occasionally tell us that they just don’t understand how we can get so much out of the Bible, because when they read it, they just don’t get it. But look, we’ve been at this a while! I’ve been studying the Bible and using it in my daily life since a very young teen, and Jason says the same.

There are ways to get more out of it, besides just time, though! Coming to this group, is one GREAT way to do that! But I think, a lot of times, we just want quick and easy solutions…we don’t want to have to wait and work, and wait and work…in this time and culture where everything is instant, we want the WORD of God to be instant too.

Today’s teaching from Carl Lentz, is all about giving yourself room and time and permission to make progress.


This teaching and assignment is from Carl Lentz’s sermon on the Hillsong Channel App! It’s about $8/month, but totally worth it, and if you just want to listen to this particular teaching, they do offer a free week!


“God will never call you to something that He won’t equip you to stand in.”

John 14:23-27

“You’re purpose will always be greater than your position.”

“‘I don’t even have a bank account’ — YOU’RE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD!”


  1. “Unannounced and unapproved (by you) reconstruction of your life.”

    1. “Just because you’ve made your peace with God, does not mean that God has made his peace with YOUR plans.”

    2. “God’s love is relentless, so that means the Holy Spirit will be relentless with His conviction.”

    3. “Comfort is not included in the conviction and the calling of the Christian.”

    4. “The kingdom of God is much more like an airport, than a country club!”

    5. “If you wanna know if you’re living spirit-led, here’s a pretty easy way:

      1. Have a look at how you’re handling the sin in your own life.”

      2. When you ARE spirit-led, here’s how you handle sin: Adherence (dedicated, focused, all in) & Repentance (I’m sorry, turn around, renounce, walk away)

      3. When you’re NOT spirit-led, here’s how you respond to sin: Admission & Continuation.

      4. Matthew 5:23-24

  2. “You can expect unbelievable and unearned restoration.”

    1. “You can’t choose the season of progress OR pain you’re in right now. But you can choose the spirit with which you walk through it.”

    2. “Every bit of your progress becomes your platform.”

    3. “Remind yourself who started it, and remind yourself who’s gonna finish it!”

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Read Matthew 21:28-32

  • When it come to spiritual growth, which son would you say you are?

  • What does this story say about how God values our words vs. our actions?

Read Luke 17:1-10

  • What can we learn about the spirit of authenticity vs the spirit of religion from this passage?

  • What can we learn about forgiveness? Can it be earned, or only given?

Read Matthew 5:23-24

  • Why do you think Jesus taught this? What do other people have to do with your relationship with God?