So, if you missed this weekend’s message, you should catch up here.

I spoke on the book of Exodus this week, the first section of Moses’ story, and this coming weekend, I plan to speak on the next portion of Moses’ story (even though we’ll be in a different series!).

So I wanted to focus a little more in depth on the context of Moses & the Israelites, and study that more thoroughly. The concept of holiness is really important by the end of Exodus, and I don’t want to lose the bigger picture here. We may be able to identify with the Israelites in some ways, but we have something they didn’t—JESUS. Watch the videos below, and let’s study Exodus, and HOLINESS together this week!



  • Exodus 1-14

    • What stuck out to you the most about this story?

    • What can you apply to your life?

  • Exodus 15 (the first praise song recorded in the Bible)

    • Which verse do you want to claim over your own life?

  • Exodus 16-20

    • What did you find interesting about this part of the story?

  • Exodus 21-31

    • Why do you think God was so specific in his instructions?

  • Exodus 32-34 (what the sermon is on this weekend)

If you missed class, watch these videos: