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Acts 1:6-11

  1. World changers are focused on their mission, and they trust God to work out the future.

  2. World Changers have to go back down the mountain.

To do that, sometimes we need a few things.

  1. They needed closure.

  2. They needed a commissioning.

  3. They needed a helper.

  4. They needed to get to work.

In this series, we have defined VIBRANT, PASSIONATE, AND SELFLESS.

  • VIBRANT disciples are single-minded in their dynamic life-worship of God.

  • PASSIONATE disciples obediently pursue Jesus.

  • SELFLESS disciples are willing to sacrifice comfort to demonstrate love.

  • We CHANGE THE WORLD with the message of the Gospel.

“We aren’t the church because we all believe the same thing--we’re the church because we have a singular PURPOSE.”

In and out.  Up the mountain.  Down the mountain.

  • Renew your vibrancy.  

  • Feed your passion. 

  • Practice selflessness.