John 6

  1. Jesus doesn’t always make it easy. I’m out when things get tough.

  2. Jesus didn’t apologize for offending them. I’m out when something offends me.

    1. Let me be clear: JESUS is perfect, WE are not. Just because Jesus didn’t apologize, doesn’t mean you don’t have to. We have to be careful not to be so SACRED, that we never say I’m Sorry.

  3. The crowd vs The disciples.

The crowd had a starving spirit…ME CHURCH spirit..
-always wants more
-never satisfied. Never content.
-tend to want the power only for the POWER.

Things Jesus DID NOT do for a starving spirit…

  1. Keep feeding them baby food.

    1. If you only receive from God in worship need to go deeper.

    2. In the context of someone else’s words..

    3. From the verse of the day...

  2. Stress himself out trying to keep them happy.

  3. Let them stay in that mindset.

  4. Run after them and beg them to come back.

  5. Blame himself.  He gave it over to His Father.