Malachi 3:6-18

  1. It’s called cheating.

  2. Sometime something really is blocking our prayers.

    1. 1 Peter 3:7 TPT

    2. 1 Peter 5:5 NLT

    3. Romans 2:8 NLT

  3. Blessings sometimes really do come in disguise.

    1. “God’s love is unconditional, but His blessings are very conditional.”

  4. God cares deeply about HIs house.

    1. Tithing is one of those pieces of religion, of ritual, that we should stick to. It’s a constant reminder of who is in charge…and who is not.

      1. There are more than 2000 verses about money.  Jesus taught on it constantly!

        1. You could learn something new about money from the WORD every day for 5 years and not be done.  

        2. If the church talks a lot about money, it’s just mirroring the Word. 

      2. It’s also one of the last pieces of spiritual health that people conquer.

  5. Do you have an eternal perspective?

    1. Matthew 6:19