Never Just Another Sunday Series Review

1 Corinthians 3:1-23 TPT

  1. Got Milk

    1. Children focus on where they can’t go, instead of getting the most out of where they are.

    2. vs. 4-5

  2. Fighting Over Favorites

    1. Are you serving the style or the savior?

    2. Value in a preference, danger in a favorite.

    3. They were fighting about who they followed, creating factions that would fracture the faith.

    4. vs. 6-10

  3. A Family of Farmers

    1. On a farm, all are equal and necessary

    2. At FVChurch, we grow disciples, the soil we grow them in is Christ alone.

    3. vs. 11-13

  4. The Problem with Preferences

    1. Materials matter, but when Christ is the foundation he will reveal the victory.

    2. Straw is not as precious as gold, but if you are feeding a horse gold, you are a fool!

    3. vs. 18-20

  5. You Think You Know

    1. vs. 21-33

  6. Never Just Another Sunday