1 Kings 13

  1. When you’re in obedience, God is your defender.

    1. Most of us give up because we don’t ACTUALLY believe the words written in this book.

    2. Pro Tips for “Staying”:

      1. Develop systems of reminding ourselves of His Word.

        1. The 40 I Am’s (HOME GROUP ASSIGNMENT: Read over these…which one means the most to you right now?)

        2. Daily Bible Study

        3. Weekly corporate Worship

        4. Gratitude for what God’s done in the past

      2. Don’t let your guard down

  2. Doubting God’s Word, can be dangerous.

    1. BUILD faith..

      1. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Good News about Christ!”

        1. Learning, hearing God’s Word is what BUILDS faith.  Block by block.

      2. One of Jesus’ last words was not “go”, but “wait”. He needed his disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit to empower them, to be able to accomplish the job they had to do.

  3. We don’t know the old man’s punishment...but it’s not about that.

    1. What you WANT to learn is only going to feed your pride and ambition and ego..

      1. What you NEED to learn will make you humble, meek, and kind.

    2. This story is about STAYING even through deceit.  Even through the storm. Even through the testing seasons.  Even through the the valley of the shadow of death.

      1. This is about not relying on anyone else for the WORD of God, BUT the WORD OF GOD.

      2. This is about trusting God before anyone else!

      3. Are you the kind of person that STAYS?!  STAYS true to what God is calling YOU to do?!  STAYS...even when it’s hard.