2 Samuel 7:1-17

When God says no…

  • Have gratitude & give honor

    • He realizes that God is sovereign.  That even though David is a king, God is THE king.  Even though you may be a leader, God is THE leader.  It’s an important distinction, because it shifts your focus from YOUR will, to HIS.

    • What IS in my hand to do?

      • We see in 1 Chronicles 22, that David had fully accepted God’s Word on the matter, and he starts setting up his son Solomon for success.

    • David set an example here for us, of learning to live within God’s direction, and not outside of it.

    • Sometimes we pine for other people’s callings….and we completely miss our own.

  • Set up the next generation for success

    • Care more about what God thinks of you, than what people think of you

    • Passion for preparation. Luke 14:28

  • Have a teachable heart

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