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Studying the Exodus story this week has been revelation on top of revelation, and I definitely won’t be able to fit it all into the sermon this weekend about the PASSION that Moses had for God. One of the things that stuck out to me so much was the “levels” (for lack of a better word) of God that Moses seemed to move through and crave.

God seemed to progressively reveal who He is to them. “There’s a reason that God does not show you everything all at once. It’s called mercy.” - Steven Furtick.

Just from my own quick observation:

  • Rescue - Freedom

  • Provision

  • Security

  • Presence

  • Law

  • Glory (God’s glory is his kindness)

Freedom is not the solution to problems, it’s only the beginning. We must have a new wholehearted embrace for what the Torah is — a guide to proper living— and begin to walk in health. I heard a Steven Furtick sermon lately where he talked about the disappointment of deliverance. Where the Israelites were out of Egypt, but not into Canaan yet. We can all relate to this in adulthood, right? We think, as teenagers, that all we need is freedom, that once we turn 18, THEN the party will begin! But then we become adults, get the freedom, and realize a few things.

And so, I believe that it’s important to learn how to live in exile. Because freedom is the answer to your slavery problem, not your soul problem, and it’s not ALL God has to offer. And after you get free, there are some more things that God wants to show you.

“The Way of Exile” is a lesson in how to live as passionate followers of Jesus in a society and context that doesn’t respect that.

But there’s so much beyond freedom that we can experience of God! Moses understood that.

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  • Moses’ Mountaintop Moments

    • Exodus 19

      • Can you see God trying to move them from experiencing Him in the context of rescue, and into the context of provision and security? Is there anywhere in your life that God is maybe trying to move you into a new season?

      • Why do you think God was so adamant about the people not coming up the mountain?

    • Exodus 24

      • Can you think of another time God used blood to act as a covenant with us? Why do you think he uses blood?

  • Moses’ Passion

  • Moses’ Request for More Presence


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