This weekend, Jason will be preaching on Samson, and how he went wayward. As we were studying this passage together, one verse in particular caught my eye.

Judges 13:25, “And the Spirit of the Lord began to stir him while he lived in Mahaneth-dan, which is located between the towns of Zorah and Eshtaol.”

I know this verse may not sound like much, but I wondered what God meant by “stir him”, because (as those of you who were at B&B last week know), I’ve been STIRRED lately. :) I have previously described the feeling as a “fire in my belly”…a deep inner conviction. It’s sometimes like a lightening focus, and other times, like an unsettling, that I just can’t get rid of. These feelings move me to DO SOMETHING for God, and it made me wonder where I could see Biblical examples of these types of feelings.


Read Judges 13-16

  • Why do you think God stirred Samson? What was the end goal of Samson’s life?

  • What do you make of the lion experience Samson had? Do you think God was trying to teach him something?

Read Exodus 35:21

  • What were the Israelite’s stirred to do in this case?

Read Ezra 1:1

  • Was was Cyrus stirred to do in the book of Ezra?

Have you ever been stirred by God? What was He stirring you to do?
Is a “stirring of hearts” something we should pray for?
Is there anywhere else in the Bible we see anything like this?