New to FVChurch? New to following Jesus? Come to our START Class! It's all about how to follow Jesus, and who we are as a church!  It's a great place to START!

I learned things that I never knew, I didn’t know! I always knew that Jesus died on the cross to save my sins, but I guess I never questioned WHY. Now it makes total sense!
— Kourtney, 30
After 40 years of growing up in church, I think this class and the videos you showed made the story of the Bible more clear to me than I ever understood it.

In-Class Material

Below, you can find some of the things we talk about in class. Feel free to look ahead if you haven't been to class yet!

Want to learn to read the Bible? If you need a good starting place, we recommend this "First Steps for New Believers" plan from the Bible App. 

If you want to download the Bible App first, you can do that here.

Did you come to class and LOVE the videos from The Bible Project? Click here to find their YouTube channel, and re-watch the ones we used in class below!