You can’t be right with God, and be wrong about Jesus.

WHY is Jesus the only way? How do I share my faith?

4200 different religions in the world. Two MAIN differences.

1. Legalism= you HAVE to follow all the rules. There’s a god out there, and the god may or may not choose to love you based on whether or not you followed all the rules.

2. Fatalism= your fate has already been determined for you, and it has nothing to do with you.

The biggest difference with Christianity is FREE WILL. Genesis 2:3-9 / Deut 30:15-19

John 14:6 - the verse that makes Jesus seem very bigoted & intolerant to our culture. If you were to remove every other religion’s leader, what would still exist? Every other religion. If you were to remove Jesus from Christianity, what would we have left? Nothing.

4 reminders on Christianity being exclusive. 1. Jesus made the statement, we’re just repeating it. 2. Christianity is not the only religion that claims exclusivity. Most religions do. (Don’t make Jesus just one of the guys. Don’t lower your perception of Him. HE IS GOD.) 3. Truth by its very nature is exclusive. 4. Jesus is inclusive to everyone. Why is there a way at all?! Because Jesus came for us. Jesus isn’t an app on your phone, he’s the whole iOS!!

God speaks through creation. Romans 1:20

God speaks through conscience. Romans 2:15

God speaks through comfort. John 16:5-15

God speaks through scripture.

God speaks through conversation. Romans 10:8-15

What about the kids in Africa?? What about the people who don’t know yet? Yeah—what about them?? I didn’t know you cared so much! Have you gone to tell them? Do you give and equip the people who are going to tell them?

John 3:16

Acts 17:26-27

Romans 10:14-15

Check the statistics—the Gospel works!
It works because it demands a response.