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The Pathway is all about intentionally making disciples of Jesus Christ! Most people bounce around and take these steps all out of order--that’s okay! The order is just an “ideal situation” for someone who is brand new to faith, brand new to FV, and assimilating into our church from the outside, in. If you’re new to FV, pick a place to start, and get plugged in!


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We’re a church that is focused outward, we want to reach those not yet here, and see them come to know the life-changing power of a relationship with Jesus!

TEXT “I’M IN” TO 717-634-7910...

If you’re new to following Jesus, or need a jump start for your faith. We’ll send you a New Believers Bible Plan, and help you find your way through the rest of the steps as well!


Come meet our pastors and hear a little about the church! After a weekend service, once a month. Sign up at www.fv.church/meetandgreet.


As soon as you’ve made a decision to follow Jesus, make a decision to get baptized! Go to www.fv.church/baptism to see a Bible Plan about baptism, and sign up for our next one!

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Discipleship means moving forward in your faith, not staying where you were found!


This 3-week class explains what we believe, why we believe it, as well as how to start getting involved in the life of the church! Pick Wednesdays or Sundays, and sign up at www.fv.church/start


Growth Groups are about studying the Bible and growing in our faith, and Home Groups are about applying the Word from the weekend, and building relationships! So important! www.fv.church/connect


Partnering with a local church can be so powerful! www.fv.church/partnership

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Once you become a disciple, you must then develop into discipling others, and doing something for God!


Get involved in giving back, using the gifts & talents God has given you! Teams are another great way to build relationships as well! www.fv.church/connect


See what God can do through you, locally, in the U.S., in the Dominican Republic, and around the world. www.fv.church/missions