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Partner Challenge


Partner Challenge


This month, after Never Just Another Sunday, we’d like to focus on a series called STAY (or not to stay)! In a world that runs at the first sight of trouble, and quits at the first whisper of adversity, be the one that stays. This series will have relationship and discipleship applications for our church!

This month’s Partnership challenge:

  • Read Luke 11:5-13. What have you given up praying for, that maybe you should start praying for again?

  • Read Acts 20:17-38. How can you help the people around you stay the course and “finish the race”?




  • Vision & goals for our leadership team to help us build the strongest disciples ever this year!

  • New Home Group leaders to rise up and develop disciples.

  • Resilience, faithfulness, and perseverance in our church.



Pray for anointing & vision for our pastors, as they prepare!

February 2 & 3:
Jason, “Some Say Apollos”, 1 Corinthians 3

STAY (or not to stay)
February 9 & 10: Candace, Luke 11:5-13, “Keep Knocking”,
February 16 & 17: Candace, 1 Kings 13,“The Tale of Two Prophets”
February 23 & 24: Jason, Acts 20:17-38, “Stay the Course”

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Partner News

Partner News



Did you know we have resources just for you? Download the “Parent Cue” app in your AppStore or Google Play Store to get weekly memory verses and lessons from FVKids! We also have a “Parents of FVKids” Facebook page so you can stay connected with upcoming events! We believe kids NEED nosey parents who know where their children are spiritually and take an active role in developing them!

Freedom Foundation News: We are still waiting on permits for the water & sewage issues to begin any work for the house across the street. As of the beginning of January, we’ve given $127,851.56! Our goal for the end of 2018, was $100,000! Praise God!

Running Stats for 2019:

  • Baptisms: 8

  • “I’m in” responses: 4

  • Home Groups Running: 9

  • New Partners: 

  • Average Guest Count on the weekends: 5.75

  • Average Offering for month of December: $15,873.29

We made great progress in our special projects for the Season of Giving, but didn’t quite get all the projects off the ground! Still time to help out! Check them out at www.fv.church/seasonofgiving.

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Partner Resources

Partner Resources

As partners in ministry, you are disciple-makers! We want to empower you and get you all the tools you need.

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A great Bible Plan for a brand new believer! 

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Struggling with how to talk to a friend about baptism? Check out this page!

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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! Get all the info you need to get the job done well! This month, Sticky Church would be a great read, especially if you lead a small group of any kind!