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Partner Challenge


Partner Challenge

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This series, like all the others, is God-given and just for us right now! It really came from the realization that there are two strains of people at FV (in general)…we have the people who LOVE to learn & worship, but don’t serve anywhere. And the people who LOVE to serve, but don’t do much learning & worshipping.

They are both forms of The Couch Potato. The Couch Potato Christian becomes useless in the hands of God very quickly, because LOVE TAKES WORK. If you don’t believe me, read the passages below, and come ready to receive what God has for us!

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  • Pray for well-rounded, healthy disciples of Christ at FV.

  • Pray for anointing and vision for our pastors, as they prepare their messages for the church!

    • August 31 & September 1: Candace, Mark 12:29-34, 1 Corinthians 13

    • September 7 & 8: Jason

    • September 14 & 15: Candace

    • September 21 & 22: Candace

    • September 28 & 29: EPIC WEEKEND, Eran Holt

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Please try to be at this meeting, if possible! We need to go over some very practical roads forward, and I need your input!

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Partner News

Partner News



Did you know we have resources just for you? Download the “Parent Cue” app in your AppStore or Google Play Store to get weekly memory verses and lessons from FVKids! We also have a “Parents of FVKids” Facebook page so you can stay connected with upcoming events! We believe kids NEED nosey parents who know where their children are spiritually and take an active role in developing them!

Freedom Foundation News: We are still waiting on permits for the water & sewage issues to begin any work for the house across the street. Offering total as of June 10, for the year: $53,486.61.

Running Stats for 2019:

  • Baptisms: 54

  • Home Groups Running: 9

  • New Partners: 16

  • Average Guest Count on the weekends: 5.5

  • Average Offering for month of July:

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Partner Resources

Partner Resources

As partners in ministry, you are disciple-makers! We want to empower you and get you all the tools you need.


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A great Bible Plan for a brand new believer! 

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Struggling with how to talk to a friend about baptism? Check out this page!

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If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! Get all the info you need to get the job done well! This month, Sticky Church would be a great read, especially if you lead a small group of any kind!

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The “Pathway” is all about intentionally making disciples of Jesus Christ! Most people bounce around and take these steps all out of order—that’s okay! The order is just an “ideal situation” for someone who is brand new to faith, brand new to FV, and assimilating into our church from the outside, in. If you’ve brought a friend to church lately, awesome! Now, help them move through these steps, and become a disciple of Jesus, not just a fan of church.

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Text “I’m in” to 717-634-7910

This will get them the Bible Plan for New Believers (above), and start them moving through the rest of the steps as well!

Meet & Greet

To help connect them to the pastors and to the church!


This should be done as soon as possible, after making a decision to follow Jesus. www.fv.church/baptism

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Explains what we believe, and why we believe it, as well as how to start getting invovled in the life of the church! www.fv.church/start

Growth Groups & Home Groups

Growth Groups are about studying the Bible and growing in our faith, and Home Groups are about applying the Word form the weekend, and building relationships! So important! www.fv.church/connect


Partnering with a local church can be so powerful! www.fv.church/partnership

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FVServe Teams

Get involved in giving back, using the gifts & talents God has given you! Teams are another great way to build relationships as well! www.fv.church/connect


See what God can do through you, locally, in the U.S., in the Dominican Republic, and around the world. www.fv.church/missions