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Missions Intro


Missions Intro


FV Missions 

To help the world and the church by helping you see what God can do through you! 


2/52 -

There are 52 weekends every single year.  FIFTY TWO opportunities to bring a friend to church!  At FV, we believe that every follower of Jesus is tasked with the job of sharing the message of the Gospel, and building the Church.   This year, we're challenging every attender at Freedom Valley to have 2 new people sitting beside you, out of the 52 weeks.  2 out of the 52.  We'd love to pray with you as you take on this challenge! 


Local - 

To reach our local world we need to start where we live. So FVChurch participates in at least one national missions trip a year. These trips will be to locations inside the united states West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and even Alaska have been considered. We are looking to work with exsisting organizations that will spread the gospel and share the love of Jesus with people. 

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Dominican Republic -

The Dominican Republic is full of some of the most loving and kind people in the world. We go their annually to share the love of Jesus with those loving people. Our Church has been active in the DR for nearly 10 years, and has seen increadible fruit. 

DR trips are a great next step and way for you to see what God can do through you. You will be used by sharing your testimony, meeting people in thier homes and serving as a paryer warrior in a DR festival.  Sign up or apply below. 


Africa - the ends of the earth

For our Africa trips we partner with Johnnes Amritezer and his Mission organization SOS Adventure. They put on Large Scale festivals in the capitol cities of Africa. These festival reach tens of thousands of people in a week. They require hundreds of volunteers working thousands of man hours and countless amounts of prayer. 

Our next SOS adventure is June 15 - 25 of 2019.  SOS adventure trips are challenging and life altering trips, like all of our trips a FVMissions application is required.  LINK Here

You can also find information about this trip at