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Missions Intro


Missions Intro


FV Missions 

Let’s see what God can do through you! 



We partner with Johannes Amritzer and his missions organization SOS Adventure, who put on large scale festivals in the capitol cities of Africa. These festivals can reach tens of thousands of people and require hundreds of volunteers working thousands of man hours, and are covered with countless prayers. 

Our next SOS adventure will be September 2020! You can also find information about this trip here: https://sosadventure.org/trips/dakar/

SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2020

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Dominican Republic

FVChurch has been active in the Dominican Republic for nearly 10 years, holding festivals, planting churches, and empowering local pastors. Teams of people are sent annually to spread the Word of God through street ministry during the day, and festivals in the evening. DR trips are a great next step for you to see what God can do through you. You'll be given the opportunity to share your testimony, meet people in their homes, and serve on the prayer team in a DR festival.  Sign up or apply below. 

May 3 - May 10, 2020



To reach our world, we need to start where we live. FVChurch participates in at least one national missions trip every year. These trips will be kept inside the United States with locations such as West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and even Alaska! We are looking to work with existing organizations and local churches that will spread the Gospel and share the love of Jesus. 

Summer 2020: Philadelphia Dream Center.
Exact dates TBD


2/52 Challenge

There are 52 weekends every single year.  FIFTY TWO opportunities to bring a friend to church!  At FVChurch, we believe that every follower of Jesus is tasked with the job of sharing the message of the Gospel, and building the Church.  This year, we're challenging every attender at Freedom Valley to have 2 new people sitting beside them by the end of the year.  2 out of the 52.  We'd love to pray with you as you take on this challenge! https://sosadventure.org/trips/arusha/