FV Volunteer Leadership Positions

The following is a list of current FV Volunteer Leadership Positions.  There is a job description and application for each.  We believe that the church has the most important job on the plant: seeing people come to know Jesus!  Each and every one of these positions will not only help do that, but also utilize your gifts and talents for something that matters! For eternity! Apply for a challenging and important job in the kingdom of God today!

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Freedom House Operations Director

This position exists to keep the Freedom House program running effectively, and also accountable, and trackable. Your job is to ensure that coaches and mentors are checked in with, are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, and submit their reports to keep the residents moving through the levels appropriately.  

The first six months will be about building the team, recruiting, and building systems.


                See the full job description here.               Apply here!



FVSErve team coordinator

This position exists to bring organization to our Serve Teams and volunteers. A coordinator provides team with needs, meets monthly with coaches, manages checklists and goals, and helps to recruit & train team members. They're also serious about learning how to lead people well!

                   See the full job descriptions here.          apply here!


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Freedom house finance director

This position exists to keep the Freedom House program finances running efficiently, accountable, and trackable.  Your job is to lead projects to raise funds outside the church, keep the director apprised of financial status every month, and coordinate team members.


                See the full job description here.              Apply here!