Welcome to Bold & Brave!  If you're looking to move forward in your faith, then this is the place for you!  We are a group of down-to-earth, everyday women, who want to make a difference in our world, by challenging ourselves, loving our people, giving where we can, and being lovers of God’s Word. We study the Bible & discuss together, find projects where we can give back, and encourage each other in spiritual growth! 

As Bold & Brave Women, we:

  • are leaders, not complainers.
  • are passionate, not passive.
  • are contributors, not consumers.

Join us, Wednesday nights, 7pm, at Freedom Valley Church!



PRAYER is so important to the life of a why do so few of us know how to do it?  Is it a formula, or a conversation?  Is there a magic amount of praying we have to do?  Is there something we can do to get through to God better?

This week, we're going to study these questions, by doing a TOPICAL study on prayer!  Click here for more on how to do it!


EXTRA: The best book I've ever read on prayer is actually fiction!! "Blink" by Ted Dekker, made me think about prayer in a whole new way.  - Candace


I believe that being bold & brave is more of a spiritual battle, than it is a personality one.  Many people are quiet, reserved, content to sit in the background and listen to a conversation, instead of engage in one.  If that's you, and you're comfortable there, great!  But so many of us, are there, but aren't comfortable there.  We want to be able to express ourselves freely, without fear, to be confident in our own skin!

I believe that confidence is a spiritual battle.  If the enemy can trip you up there, he's GOT you.  All of you.  You can't make a move without confidence.  And it was there, that I was stuck for so long.

My relationship with Jesus, and study of the Word, is the only thing that brought me out of that fear, and into a bold & brave place. I am able to step into my calling, stretch myself, and learn about the gifts God has given me!  I learn more every day!       

        - Candace                              

What is God saying to you lately?
How can you provide time in your life to slow down and listen?
Do you talk to Him about your real life, your actual thoughts and fears?
How do you go about taking the Word seriously, and applying it to your life?
What's your favorite Bible passage to think about when you're afraid?
When asked about who Jesus is, what do you have to say??


What's the one thing you can take from the book?  What will you remember the most?  Is this a book you would recommend to others?


This week, read 1 Peter!  

 If you missed class, check out "what inspired me this week"!  Especially listen to minutes 16-19 of the episode: "Motivating your team"!

If you missed class, check out "what inspired me this week"!  Especially listen to minutes 16-19 of the episode: "Motivating your team"!

  • Who was Peter writing to?
  • What stood out to you the most about what Peter wrote?
    • How can you apply it to your life?
  • When he says "give your worries and cares to God" (1 Peter 5:7), how do you think you go about doing that? 
  • Do 2 SOAP studies on passage that you like in this book.

VERSION COMPARISON: Now, read 1 Peter again in another version of the Bible!  Try NIV, The Message, or NKJV!  Was there anything significantly different about the other version?  Did you learn anything new from reading it again in another version?

CHALLENGE: Write your own Self-Motivation Mantra, like Craig Groeschel's!

Read through the end of the book this week!  What did you think of Maviah's miraculous healing at the end? 
Do you think healing could be like that for us?


This week, let's read Philippians together. Come up with a plan to start a gratitude journal, starting with writing out, word for word, Philippians 4:8. Then try to list 50 different things that you're grateful for--this week alone!  

If you need help getting a handle on Philippians, try answering these questions as you read:

  • Who wrote Philippians?
  • How do you think the subject matter relates to being a Bold & Brave Woman?
  • What can you apply to your life from this little book?

EXTRA: "A.D. 30" ASSIGNMENT: Read through Chapter 17.  

  • What did you think of the interaction with Jesus?
  • Does it change anything about how you view Jesus?


This week, we're going to study Acts 1-2, where we see the Holy Spirit come! Answer the following questions for yourself, and we'll answer them together as a group next week!

  • What power was Jesus telling his disciples about in Acts 1:8?
  • What was the day of Pentacost back then? How long after Jesus was crucified did this happen?
  • What's the significance of Peter being the one to speak to the people gathered in verse 14? 
  • Can you imagine saying those things to those people at that time? Why would that have been difficult?

EXTRA: "A.D. 30" ASSIGNMENT:  Read until you see Maviah get to Sepphoris and begin to enter Herod's court. (around chapter 12)

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.27.11 PM.png
  • What have you discovered so far about the cultures back then? How are they different from today?
  • What did you think of the encounter with Mary (Miriam)?
  • Are you beginning to see that culture a little more clearly now?

**If you don't know what "A.D. 30" is, see hereorder the book, and follow along with us!



This week, we’re going to try someone else’s Bible Reading plan & devotional!  Get the Bible app on your phone, or go to, and look up “Brave Is The New Beautiful” Plan (or click here) .  It’s a 4-day devotional with bible reading! 

I have to be honest, I haven’t read this one yet!  I’ll be interested to read along with you!  -Candace

EXTRA:: Write a letter to yourself before you were saved. (watch this video for inspiration!)


The name of this group wasn't chosen by accident.  In fact, I didn't choose it at all...God did!  I was at a conference in late summer 2017, and I left with a picture of myself leading a group of women who were kept in fear, and now are bold for Jesus! Women passionate about Jesus, about the Word of God, and growing into a beautiful leadership and vision within the church!  Now, to understand just how surprising this picture was for me, you have to know that I was always the LEAST bold and the LEAST brave person that I knew.  Growing up, I had so much social anxiety, I felt like I was trapped in a box of fear all the time


I used the Word of God to make myself become the person that I wanted to be...and God matched my diligence and helped so much along the way as well.  This week, we're going to learn one way that I did that in my life, and maybe along the way, you'll stumble upon freedom too! 



So, this week, we’re going to a topical study! Use a concordance, google search, etc, to look up all the occurrences of boldness in the Bible! Write down (and bring with you next week) the top 3 that speak to you, and do a SOAP bible study on your favorite.  Bring with you to Bold & Brave next week!


Alright, so this week, we’re going to try a new kind of Bible Study, in a new book of the Bible! Here in the beginning of Bold & Brave, I’m just trying to not only expose you to various women of the Bible, but also to arm you with various tools to study the Bible!

So, this time, we’re going to read Ruth, and as you go along, do a character study.  Write each character’s name as they come up, and then some characteristics...what they look like, young or old, etc, and anything you notice about them.  At the end, compare!  And answer the following questions:

  • What can you learn from each character?

  • What pieces of culture (at that time) shaped their decisions?

  • Are any of them good role models for a Bold & Brave Woman?


Now we're going to study the book of Esther (yes, again!), but this time, "Unexpected Challenge" style! (Click here if your'e unfamiliar with Candace's The Unexpected Challenge.)  Here are your questions, and we're actually going to go over our answer next week!

To answer these questions, use Google, use commentaries on Bible Gateway (hint: start with Matthew Henry's commentary!), and ask other Christians in your life! Some of these questions may not even have solid answers that we can know for's more about the journey of asking questions of the Word, and opening up your imagination to the context of the Word.

  1. What does history know about King Xerxes of Persia, outside the books of Esther?
  2. Did queen's have any power in the Persian empire?
  3. What religion did the Persians practice?
  4. Why did Mordecai not bow down to Haman?
  5. Is Esther a good role model for a Bold & Brave Woman?


In Bold & Brave, we learn how to study the Bible, and study it together!  Every week, you'll have an assignment, to go home and study and work on!  The Bible is the "bread of life", the Word is "living and active" and is a beautiful picture of God having personal relationships with us over and over! The Word can do amazing things in your life, if you let it!

This week, read the book of Esther.  It's only 10 chapters, a quick, good read!  And we're going to do a SOAP study!



S stands for SCRIPTURE: write down the verse (or two) that meant the most to you.  Write it out, word for word, on the page.  Sometimes we notice things that we didn't before when we are intentional about writing scripture out.

O stands for OBSERVATION: write any little thing you notice about it, anything that sticks out to you, as you read. 

A stands for APPLICATION: write down what you think you can apply to your life about this!  This may be in the way the characters interact with God, or how they interact with each other.  It could be what they DO, or don't do. 

P stands for PRAYER: write down your prayer to God, using what you read, and your application points.  Ask for God's help & guidance to living out His Word, and what that means, according to the book of Esther.


BONUS: Share!  Share what you've learned with the people closest to you!  Come to Bold & Brave next week, and share what you've learned.  Ask questions of the other ladies, maybe they learned something you didn't, and we can all learn from each other!