Welcome to Bold & Brave!  If you're looking to move forward in your faith, then this is the place for you!  We are a group of down-to-earth, everyday women, who want to make a difference in our world, by challenging ourselves, loving our people, giving where we can, and being lovers of God’s Word. We study the Bible & discuss together, find projects where we can give back, and encourage each other in spiritual growth! 

As Bold & Brave Women, we:

  • are leaders, not complainers.
  • are passionate, not passive.
  • are contributors, not consumers.

Join us, Wednesday nights, 7pm, at Freedom Valley Church!


Alright, so this week, we’re going to try a new kind of Bible Study, in a new book of the Bible! Here in the beginning of Bold & Brave, I’m just trying to not only expose you to various women of the Bible, but also to arm you with various tools to study the Bible!

So, this time, we’re going to read Ruth, and as you go along, do a character study.  Write each character’s name as they come up, and then some characteristics...what they look like, young or old, etc, and anything you notice about them.  At the end, compare!  And answer the following questions:

  • What can you learn from each character?

  • What pieces of culture (at that time) shaped their decisions?

  • Are any of them good role models for a Bold & Brave Woman?


Now we're going to study the book of Esther, "Unexpected Challenge" style! (Click here if your'e unfamiliar with The Unexpected Challenge.)  Here are your questions, and we're actually going to go over our answer next week!

  1. What does history know about King Xerxes of Persia, outside the books of Esther?
  2. Did queen's have any power in the Persian empire?
  3. What religion did the Persians practice?
  4. Why did Mordecai not bow down to Haman?
  5. Is Esther a good role model for a Bold & Brave Woman?


This week, read the book of Esther.  It's only 10 chapters, a quick, good read. 

  1. Jot down the word, "observation", then under that, write any little thing you notice about it, anything that sticks out to you, as you read. 
  2. Then write down the word "application", and under it, what you can apply to your life, in the book.  This may be in the way the characters interact with God, or how they interact with each other.  It could be what they DO, or don't do. 
  3. Pray.  Write down your prayer to God, using what you read, and your application points.  Ask for God's help & guidance to living out His Word, and what that means, according to the book of Esther.
  4. Share!  Share what you've learned with the people closest to you!  Come to Bold & Brave next week, and share what you've learned.  Ask questions of the other ladies, maybe they learned something you didn't, and we can all learn from each other!