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Welcome to Bold & Brave!  If you're looking to move forward in your faith, then this is the place for you!  We are a group of down-to-earth, everyday women, who want to make a difference in our world, by challenging ourselves, loving our people, giving where we can, and being lovers of God’s Word. We study the Bible & discuss together, find projects where we can give back, and encourage each other in spiritual growth! 

As Bold & Brave Women, we:

  • are leaders, not complainers.

  • are passionate, not passive.

  • are contributors, not consumers.

Join us, Wednesday nights, 7pm, at Freedom Valley Church!

Bold & Brave is focused on teaching the Bible, and teaching HOW to study the Bible! Whether you’ve been a Christian for 30 years, or 30 seconds, this group will help you become well-acquainted with the Word of God.

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FV Group Info

  • We’ll meet at FV, and pull out at 7:30am on Friday, November 15.

  • We’ll return to FV around 2:30pm on Saturday, November 16.

  • We have hotel rooms already reserved, 3 people to a room.

  • Price: $160. $15 discount available for students (ages 12-22), single moms (with kids at home), and seniors (age 65+)

    • If you’d like to hold your ticket, please pay $50 for now. The rest due October 15th. Non-refundable.

  • Register TODAY! Candace reserved 30 tickets, and has 10 hotel rooms booked. Waiting until the last minute could mean you’ll have to register yourself, and hopefully we’ll be able to find a bed or room for you! Talk to her if you have concerns about this.

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 Want to go even further with your faith?

Here’s a list of resources that Candace often recommends!




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As Bold & Brave women, we are contributors, not consumers, and so we want to GIVE INTO our world, and serve people well!
We do that in various ways.

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When someone in our church is down-and-out, has a brand new baby, in recovery from surgery, or just in need, we arrange for meals to be made and delivered to the family! You coordinate the schedule, we’ll get you all the info!

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Everybody loves getting mail, and when you’re far from home at college, or stuck in a nursing home, rehab center, or just plan stuck, a nice card of encouragement, a bouquet of flowers, or a simple gift can go a long way.

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The hospital can be a scary and uncertain place, and a friendly face and a prayer can make all the difference. You can indicate your town’s hospital, and your availability, and we’ll send you requests for visits as they arise!

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