At Freedom Valley, we follow the Biblical example of Baptism that Jesus laid out for us!  We believe that every believer should be baptized as soon as they receive Jesus! It's a great opportunity to mark that spot in their life, and say, "the old has gone, the new has come."  It's a symbol that represents Jesus' death on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, and our rebirth into new life with Him!

We offer baptism at various times throughout the year, and strongly encourage you to sign up!  Invite your friends and family, and make it a big deal!



1. Can my kids get baptized?
We never stop anyone from coming to Jesus, but we do believe that baptism should be a personal choice, not one made by parents.  We do encourage children to wait until they fully understand that this is, ideally, a decision you make for life, and so you should remember it for life! A child wanting to be baptized should be able to answer a few simple questions about it, with answers in their own words.

2. Do I have to sign up to be baptized?
No, we do like to know who is coming, so we can be as prepared for you as possible, but you can show up that day and make a decision to get baptized, and we would be ecstatic about that too! We have shorts, t-shirts, and towels ready for anyone who makes a last minute decision.

3. If I got baptized at another church, should I get baptized at FV again?
Not necessarily!  You're getting baptized to show that you are now a follower of Christ, not that you are a follower of any particular church.

4. If i got baptized as an infant, should I get baptized again?
We do believe that baptism should be your choice, not your parents, and the Biblical model of baptism is by immersion.  So, yes, we recommend getting baptized again, by immersion!

5. Should I wait to get baptized with my family?
We do not recommend waiting on anyone else, to get baptized.