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Freedom Valley Leadership School

FVLS is a semester-based training designed to help lay people and ministers develop

skills necessary for Christian leadership in the church and in the world. 


Freedom Valley Leadership School is offering 2 unique and powerful classes this semester.

1. How to Read Your Bible and Love it!

This class, by Jeff Deitrich, is about how you can get the most of your Bible, and love the process of how reading it changes you! It starts tomorrow night, July 2, at Freedom Valley. Cost $50 plus whatever books you may need to buy.

2. The Importance and Power of Vision!

by Gerry Stoltzfoos. You cannot function without a picture in your mind of what you would like to accomplish with what you are doing. This picture (vision) is given to you by God and can be polished, increased, enjoyed and built on. This class will help you do that!

This class will be by YouTube video, with a small amount of work that you will do after or during each video class. You will love the process by which God will build your passion and purpose for life during this journey! Cost $50 and a book. July 4 thru Aug 8. Sign up for this class by emailing gerrystoltzfoos@gmail.com.

Time is short, so if you want to join either of these classes, please be at Freedom Valley July 2 for Jeff's class, or sign up for Gerry's class by sending him email at gerrystoltzfoos@gmail.com to let him know you plan to join.

And have an an awesome summer growing and learning!