Freedom Valley Leadership School

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Summer Semester 

  • Our Summer semester begins on July 1, 2018 and runs until August 9, 2018.

  • This semester's classes are "Introduction to Christian Counseling," taught by Julie Stoltzfoos, and "Biblical Interpretation," taught by Pastor Jeff Deitrich.

  • Each course (6 weeks of a class) costs $50. Half price for those who lead teams at Freedom Valley or are 18 or under.

  • If a full year's worth of courses are taken and passed, the student will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and the option to apply for Freedom Valley credentials, which will allow a student to perform weddings, funerals, and hospital visits.


This Semester's Classes

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Counseling is the skill of helping others grow. In that way, counseling is discipleship. To be strong, God-led leaders in the church and world, we need to learn how to counsel others to new growth. Julie Stoltzfoos has over two decades of experience in Christian Counseling, and is excited to share the insights she has learned over the years with you. Julie's class is on Sunday mornings during Freedom Valley's 11:15am service, and runs from July 1-August 12 (skipping July 22). 

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This is the most important and the most intensive class we offer at FVLS. There is nothing more necessary to Christian life than the ability to interpret scripture fairly and fully. Jeff has always had a deep desire to expose the truest interpretation of God's word, and loves teaching others to do the same. Join him on Tuesday nights from July 10-August 21.

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