Planning your first visit to FVKids? Here's what you need to know:

We LOVE kids at FVChurch, and we do everything we can to help them have fun and be comfortable in our environments!  We plan age-appropriate classrooms, and encourage all children to attend with their age groups!  On your first visit, we ask for some information from you, so we can care for your children the best that we can.  You can pre-register your children here, to make your first time a little easier, no paperwork!  You'll still need to get them checked in, you'll receive a name tag for each child, with a security tag for you to pick them up with!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if my children want to go in the same classroom, but they aren't the same age?
    • That's okay! While we encourage children to attend their age-appropriate classroom, because we think they'll learn more there, we don't mind if they hang together.  The important thing is that they are comfortable and happy while mom & dad attend a service.  We believe that if they have fun and feel safe, they are more likely to want to come back, and more likely to attend their classroom the next time around!
  • What should I bring for my infant or toddler?
    • Bring a fresh diaper, a change of clothes (if neccessary), and any special drinks (bottle) or snacks that they may need.  We do provide a water and a snack during service for toddlers, which is usually animal crackers, cheerios, or goldfish. 
  • What security and safety systems do you have in place?
    • We have a Safety Team Member (think: security guard) in each hallway that helps to keep an eye on everyone coming and going, and be on the lookout for any potential safety situations.
    • Each child will receive a name tag with a security code on it, when they check into FVKids.  This code is randomly generated every time you come, and will be the same for the whole family.  The parent will also receive a tag with this code, and only the person with this code will be able to pick up the children.  Please present your parent tag upon pick up. 
    • We have at least two adults per classroom at all times.  No adult should ever be alone with any child not related to them.
    • We have a health policy located outside each room.  In general, if your child wouldn't be allowed to attend school that day, they shouldn't come to FVKids either, for the health of the other children.
  • Can my children sit in the adult service with me?
    • Of course!  Our adult service is geared toward adults, and we ask that it remain generally distraction-free, but we always welcome children!  We have a live feed of the service in various places around the building as well, and a Nursing Mother's Room available, check with the Serve Desk in the lobby for details.  


Please contact us with any other questions!  We'd love to help make your first time visiting FVKids a good one.  Call or e-mail Candace Pringle, at, or 717-634-7910.